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This blog has been created to share expert SEO views and techniques that can be used by everyone and anyone wanting to undertake SEO on their website.

Simple Link Building Strategies to Kickoff Your SEO

SEO can be overwhelming for people who are trying to rank a website for the first time. Sometimes it is best to leave the job in the hands of SEO Experts Sydney but if you have the time in hand then you can always give it a go.

There are plenty of options to learn online and with popular CMS’s like WordPress, Joomla! and Magento offering ready to use plugins to undertake on-page optimisation, it has never been easier to take care of SEO yourself.

A part you might struggle with may be off-page optimisation but if you put your thinking hat on and get creative, there are plenty of opportunities to build links to your website.

Here are some very simple techniques (with examples) to kick-start your SEO efforts,

• Directory Submissions: The easiest and often the first strategy to kick-start your SEO campaign is to find a list of local directories and add your business there. Most reputable directories such as Yellow Pages, True Local, Manta are free to list your business on.

Directory submissions are a good way to start a campaign because you are building links from domains that have a good domain authority. 

Also, directory submissions can help you with your Local SEO. Local SEO relates to your map listings on Google. This is also known as the map-pack listing. Make sure you list yourself on Google My Business and Bing Places before you start your directory submission. 

One more thing to keep in mind is consistency in NAP i.e. have the same business name, address and phone number listed across all the directory submissions that you undertake. And this should match with what is listed on your business website. 

• Local News Publications: There are always newspapers or trade-publications that are interested to publish local news related to their area. Try to reach out to them with a compelling reason to publish your business. 

For example if you are a new business, do some type of a give-away on your opening day or if you think your journey to starting your business is unique, write it in your words and reach out to them. 

• Outreach (Guest Blogs): If you love what you do and have in-depth knowledge about your product or service then put together some informative blogs that can help readers solve problems and then approach other bloggers, peak industry peak bodies, forums to publish your content. In return for the content, ask them to mention your business name with a link within the article. 

• Create Sharable Content: This can take the form of videos, blogs and infographics. Something that is valuable to your audience. E.g. say you are a plumber, you could create some video blogs on various plumbing fixes that can help people to do a bit of DIY work. This will help you increase brand awareness and at the same time build links. 

• Professional Network: Approach your network of buyers, suppliers, friends and family to mention you on their website. 

• Blogging: Think about the problems that your customers face and create blogs on these topics. Much like the example we gave above for plumbers. You can either publish these blogs on your internal blog or on popular blogging platforms such as Medium. 

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